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We observe MDT from March through November. The Navajo Nation extends into New Mexico, Utah and Colorado. 

No, there is no entrance fee. However, there is a backcountry permit fee of $8.00 per person, paid in cash to the Navajo Parks and Recreation per tour

Yes, we offer extended tours. Please call to make arrangements. 

No, pets are not allowed on tour per the National Park Service. If you have a certified service
dog, your service dog will have to be declared while obtaining the backcountry permit with your guide. 

Yes, we can accommodate large groups and special requests, please call to inquire. We strive to meet the needs of our guests. 

No, traveling to these two sites are in two different canyons and it takes time to get to each

Canyon conditions is a major factor that affects the timeline of your tour, which is beyond our
control. Snowmelt and the monsoon are natural events that can affect your tour timeline. Another factor to keep in mind is that there is a lot to see and our guests get caught up in taking photographs or lingering longer than recommended at sites, or browsing vendors and the guide has to start skipping sites to stay on time. 

We recommend reserving additional time before your tour date so we can ensure that your guide will be available. During the high season of Spring and Fall, most guides will have a tour already booked for the afternoon if you’re on a morning tour. We suggest calling or emailing to let us know you’re interested in additional time so that we can note your reservation. 

Yes, we offer discounts to educators, health care workers, first responders, military and veterans. 1. The person requesting the discount must be the person on the reservation; 2. present a work or military ID to receive the discount; and 3. sign-off on the backcountry permit with the guide. 

We offer a full refund of your tour if you cancel 48 hours before your tour date. If you cancel
within 48 hours, a $75.00 cancellation fee applies. If there is flooding that occurs and it’s not
deemed safe by either the National Park Service or by our Tour Manager, we will issue a refund per your payment type. Your safety and those of our guides are of the utmost importance to us. 

We utilize a reservation system that we do not own. Therefore, each reservation is subject to a Booking Fee that is non-refundable. 

No, this is not allowed. Our company vehicles are covered under an insurance policy.

Yes, we do. Please contact us for a quote.

No, we are not equipped or insured to provide this service. 

The canyon is not smooth nor flat. We are traversing ravines, embankments, wash beds,
sandy/muddy terrain and sometimes driving in conditions that may jar or cause us to hit potholes that we can see below the waterline. We suggest calling to let us know your concerns so that we may note your reservation as well as assigning an SUV for a more comfortable ride. 

Yes, there are. There are no handwashing stations and we suggest bringing hand wipes or

No, we do not. We are not equipped or insured to provide this service. Chinle does not offer
kenneling services. 

Yes, there are. There is no internet service in the canyon, therefore, we suggest having cash on hand for your transactions. 

No, we do not accept tips through our reservation system. Cash is recommended. 

Contact us immediately and we will do our best to accommodate you. If you missed your 9 a.m. public tour, we do have an afternoon tour at 2 p.m.