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Fees and Discounts

Backcountry Permit Fee: There is an $8.oo cash fee per person payable to the Navajo Parks and Recreation before entering the canyon. Your guide and a member of your party must sign the Backcountry Permit prior to entering the canyon.

Navajo Nation Tax: The current tax rate is 6%.

Extended Tour Fees: If you would like a longer tour, please call for pricing on extended tours.

Discounts: Armed Forces, Veterans, First Responders, and Teachers please inquire for a discount. We appreciate and value your service!

*Reservations must be made in their name, be present on the tour and sign the backcountry permit. Military and/or employer ID required upon check in. Discount does not apply to camping tours.

Large Groups: We are happy to discuss your itinerary with you, whether it’s vehicle, hiking or camping tours. Contact us to inquire.

Cancellation Policy: Please call or email us to cancel a booking as soon as possible. You may cancel your tour for a full refund 48 hours before your tour date and time. However, there is a $75 cancellation fee should you cancel your tour within 48 hours, or if you do not show up. If you would like to reschedule your tour for a later date or time, please call to discuss.

Should inclement weather occur, Canyon de Chelly reserves the right to cancel your tour for safety reasons and a refund will be issued via payment type. We can also offer a rim tour with a guide at a reduced rate and the remaining balance refunded per your payment type.

Tour Recommendations

Canyon de Chelly is especially beautiful in the summer and winter months. We recommend driving along the South and North rims and stopping at the overlooks in the morning, then joining us for a tour in the canyon during the late afternoon. Before your tour, we highly recommend watching “Canyon de Chelly, Through Navajo Eyes,” a film by the late Leon Skyhorse Thomas, to gain context and understanding of the canyon’s history.


Seasons and Weather

During bad weather, inquire about the conditions in the canyon.

Our “Wet-Season” usually runs from February to May. Ice may coat the canyon floor from December through March. When the canyon floods, the National Park Service may decide to close the canyon to tours. Should this occur, we offer a tour of the Southern rim with one of our guides. 

As your tour date approaches, we recommend checking the forecast for: Chinle, AZ 86503.

Sudden summer thunderstorms may produce flooding in the canyon, although the rain may be miles away in the mountains. It is not uncommon for the canyon floor to go from almost dry, to 3 feet of flowing water. Then, it may become driveable again before the day is over.

If we cannot go into the canyon due to a closure or poor canyon conditions, we do offer a rim tour at a reduced rate. Otherwise, you may reschedule another date and time or a refund per your payment type.

Overnight Camp-outs in the Canyon

Overnight camp-outs include one Diné guide for every 10 guests. Campers must bring their own tents, food, and other camping equipment. A camping permit is required prior to your camping date. Call to inquire.


Price: Starting at $350.00

Duration: Approx. 24 hours

Ages: All ages welcome. Children must be accompanied by adults.

Application: Call 928-674-5500 30 days ahead to apply with the NPS.


Tours and Services

White House Ruin Trail

As of the beginning of 2024, the public hiking trail to White House remains closed until further notice. In the interim, we do offer a hiking tour to White House Ruins with one of our guides. Most people can complete this hike in 3-hours. Additional time may be purchased to accommodate your pace.

Mummy Cave, Antelope House Ruin and Navajo Fortress

This tour travels almost the full length of Canyon del Muerto. Mummy Cave is a partially restored Ancestral apartment complex constructed under an arching overhang in the weathered sandstone. At Antelope House Ruin, colored pictographs of antelope created at the beginning of the last century are side-by-side with creations of the Ancestral Pueblo. Canyon walls at Antelope House Ruin arch into the canyon over the stream bed below. Further up the canyon are farms, orchards, and fields that are still farmed by canyon residents. The round trip exceeds thirty miles.

White House Ruins and Spider Rock

A thorough exploration of Canyon de Chelly travels to the base of the towering 800 feet monolith of Spider Rock, where canyon walls rise to well over 1000 feet. Many ruins are along the way in the lower canyons.

Note: The route to Spider Rock takes time as we are traversing ravines, steep inclines, wash beds, embankments, and narrow roads. The best time to travel to Spider Rock is when there is no canyon flooding and conducted in a jeep. This tour is a minimum of 5 to 6 hours. Contact us to inquire.

Rim Tours

For those unable to journey into the canyons, much of its beauty and significant sites can be seen from the many viewpoints along the two major roads that parallel both Canyon de Chelly (South rim) and Canyon del Muerto (North rim). Should inclement weather prevent us from conducting your tour, we can offer a rim tour at a reduced rate.

Conducted Bus Rim Tours

We contract with outside tour companies who want to provide their guests with a personalized tour of the overlooks for Canyon de Chelly along the South rim drives. We will step aboard in Chinle and enhance your tour by providing your guests with an opportunity to meet and talk with us, as well as gain an insight into our canyon and its history.

Cultural Consulting, Photography, and Lectures

Large and small groups desiring these services with an emphasis on the Diné people, their history and culture, and Canyon de Chelly may be arranged as needed on an individual case-by-case basis. Please contact us if you are seeking these services for yourself or your group. Permits may be required so please plan accordingly.


Frequently Asked Questions

We observe MDT from March through November. The Navajo Nation extends into New Mexico,
Utah and Colorado.

Yes, we offer extended tours. Please call to make arrangements.

No, pets are not allowed on tour per the National Park Service. If you have a certified service
dog, your service dog will have to be declared while obtaining the backcountry permit with your

Yes, we can accommodate large groups and special requests, please call to inquire. We strive to
meet the needs of our guests.

No, traveling to these two sites is in two different canyons and it takes time to get to each

Canyon conditions is a major factor that affects the timeline of your tour, which is beyond our
control. Snowmelt and the monsoon are natural events that can affect your tour timeline. Another
factor to keep in mind is that there is a lot to see and our guests get caught up in taking
photographs or lingering longer than recommended at sites, or browsing vendors and the guide
has to start skipping sites to stay on time.

No, there is no entrance fee. However, there is a backcountry permit fee of $8.00 per person, paid in cash to the Navajo Parks and Recreation per tour