The Best Way to Experience the Canyon

On this tour, you will see many historical and archeological sites and may include Kokopelli Cave, Newspaper Rock, Petroglyph Rock, First Ruin, Junction Ruin, and the White House Ruins.

We are very familiar with all of the canyon, so we are able to show you the rich archeology, geology, culture, and history that Canyon de Chelly has to offer. We are happy to cater to cater to the requests of the group to make it an incredible experience for all our guests. Restroom facilities are available in the canyon but no handwashing stations are on site, please bring hand sanitizing wipes and napkins. Pets are not allowed on the tour (Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation Department policy).

What to Bring

  • Plenty of water: The canyon can get pretty hot during the summer, please bring plenty of water.

  • Snacks and food: Small packages/containers of snacks are fine.

  • Sun-block: We recommend high SPF as the sun reflects off the canyon walls.

  • Hat and sunglasses: Wide brimmed hats and caps are recommended including sunglasses.

  • Binoculars: General purpose binoculars will bring more of the canyons details to light.

  • Camera and power banks: We recommend batteries, extra battery packs and/or power banks.

  • Car seats: If traveling with small children, please bring a car seat that can be secured with a seat belt. Please bring a zipper lock bag/grocery sack for soiled diapers. NOTE: Children in car seats and booster seats must be seated in the front of the cab with an adult or parent, NO EXCEPTIONS.